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NPR Interview,  Paradise Wavering Exhibition ·  National Public Radio Interview, 2017
Daylight Digital, Paradise Wavering  ·  Feature, 2016
L'Oeil de la Photographie  ·  Book Review, 2016
Neue Journal, Alice Q. Hargrave Explores the Melancholic Side of Paradise  ·  Feature, 2016
Fraction Magazine  ·  Feature
Lenscratch / Fine Art Photography Daily  ·  Feature
Museum of Contemporary Photography  ·   Midwest Photographers Project
Museum of Contemporary Photography   ·   Fine Print Program
Museum of Contemporary Photography   ·   Collections
Museum of Contemporary Photography   ·   Exhibitions
Humble Arts Foundation, Radical Color   ·   Feature, February 2015
F-Stop Magazine, Issue #67 Happy Accidents   ·   Feature, November 2014
Humble Arts Foundation, New Cats in Art Photography   ·   Feature, October 2014
BBC News, In Pictures: Feline Focus   ·   Feature, October 23, 2014
Fraction Editions  ·  Fine Print Program


BNAC Blog; Paradise Wavering Exhibition Review
The Comp Magazine, Memories and the Natural World, July 2016
F-Stop Magazine, Paradise Wavering book review, July 17, 2016
Classic Chicago Magazine, Alice Hargrave: Paradise Wavering, June 25, 2016
New City, Vivid Colors Wash Over Memories, June 3, 2016
Elin Spring Photography Blog, What Will You RememberEverything in Context, March 4, 2015

Columbia ChronicleContext 2015 to feature work of Columbia professor, February 2, 2015  
Huffington PostThis Amazing Contemporary Photography Project Is Devoted Entirely To Cats, October 23, 2014
Elin Spring Photography Blog, What Will You RememberThe Nature of a Collective in Chicago, October 29, 2014
Elin Spring Photography Blog, What Will You RememberDiscovering Stella (Review of Stella Collective) October 28, 2014
New City Art, Alice Hargrave / Experimental Sound Studio, June 07, 2010
Chicago Tribune (pdf)Alice Hargrave's work combines the field and darkroom,  February 1, 1991